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Award Winning Freelancer

Certificate For Attending Metrix Freelancer Event

“I am honored to be the recipient of the Metrix Tech Fest 2022 Freelancer of the Year Award. This award is a testament to the hard work and dedication I have put into my freelance career. I am grateful to Metrix for recognizing my accomplishments and for supporting the work of freelancers in our community.

I am a freelance Website Designer & developer and I have been working in the industry for over 4 years. I have a passion for building websites that solves clients problems. I am also committed to providing excellent customer service to my clients.

I am excited to continue my work as a freelancer and to contribute to the growth of the technology industry in our region. I am grateful for the support of Metrix “

I design for humans to help brands grow

As a freelance website designer and social media specialist, my extensive experience has honed my skills in optimizing design quality and speed while aligning creative processes with business objectives. Through diverse roles in various projects, I consistently deliver successful outcomes for my clients.

To ensure a comprehensive understanding of each project’s goals, I always begin with a kick-off discovery session. This allows me to grasp my client’s vision, delve into their business objectives, and analyze user data for valuable insights. I also integrate usability testing into my process to quickly assess the usability of websites and apps during our initial meeting.

Beyond website design, I possess expertise in social media strategy and management. By leveraging my understanding of design principles, I create visually compelling and engaging social media content that aligns with each client’s brand identity and resonates with their target audience. This combination of design and social media skills helps businesses effectively build their online presence and reach their marketing goals.


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Nisaar Nadiadwala

Grooming Expert , Content Writer – Quora Top Content Writerย 

Nisaar Nadiadwala Nisaar Nadiadwala Nisaar Nadiadwala
Nisaar Nadiadwala Nisaar Nadiadwala Nisaar Nadiadwala


I worked with some pretty outstanding people at some pretty awesome companies.

As a website designer and social media manager, I have had the opportunity to work with a diverse range of clients, each with unique needs and expectations. Collaborating with various businesses and individuals has enriched my experience and honed my skills in delivering effective digital solutions.

Working with different clients has taught me the importance of effective communication and understanding their specific goals and target audience. Each project requires a tailored approach, as no two clients are alike. By actively listening and engaging in open dialogue, I am able to grasp their vision and translate it into compelling website designs and social media strategies.

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